Understanding the Importance of Dental Health for Cats

Ask any cat owner about how they care for their feline’s teeth and most will reply that “he eats dry food” or, more commonly “I really don’t clean her teeth”. While most veterinarians will acknowledge that brushing a cat’s teeth is a challenge for many owners, they will stress the importance of routine oral assessment [...]

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Pet First Aid – You Bet!!!

Our wonderful doctors at Princess Animal Hospital are hosting a Pet First Aid course for the general public with all proceeds going to the Kingston Humane Society. This course is a great introduction to what first aid care you could give your pet if an emergency were to arise. The course includes a lecture by [...]

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for the entire family – including your dog. But there can also be some potential dangers for you four legged friend. Keep these tips in mind during the Halloween season! Halloween Candy Chocolate candy can be very toxic for your dog. Artificially sweetened candy and gum can contain xylitol, a [...]

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School Bus Safety

Well, sadly summer vacation has now come to an end and kids are back to school. For many parents who walk their children to the bus stop – the family dog comes along to see the kids off. While everyone might be happy to have Fido wait with them for the bus, there are some [...]

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The Language of Pet Food Labels

Let’s look at how to read and interpret pet food labels, a process which can at times be confusing. I often see claims that “real meat” must be first on the ingredient list – the implication being that if it’s not, the diet is inferior. Ingredients by law are listed in order of descending weight. [...]

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A day in the life of a Vet

by Dr. Joelle Ouellet - Here is a glimpse of a day in my life... 6-6:30 am – wake up, feed and give medications/supplements to Mali (my dog), breakfast for my baby Caleb, my husband Rob and myself. Shower, get dressed. Spend a little bit of quality time with my family before heading out to work. 8:30 [...]

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