Have you ever wondered what your other family doctor worries about when they are not busy caring for your pet? Most of his time is spent caring for his team, and thinking of ways to ensure that the care at the hospital is continuing to improve. After spending considerable thought and discussion, here is what your team at Princess Animal Hospital has decided to focus on.

WHY we do what we do: Because we care about people, their pets, their families, their relationships, and our relationship with them.

WHAT we do: We involve specialists and technology to provide peace of mind, and alleviate suffering, while creating a memorable experience for our clients by celebrating the bond they have with the pet who gives them unconditional love each day.

Our Plan:

To Achieve a level of team communication that allows each client to understand why we recommend the care, to ensure they feel involved in and have control over the process, and that we care as much as THEY do.
To provide the most care possible for each pet, that the owner feels comfortable providing. We will be committed to continually improving anesthetic safety and to reducing pain in the patients we treat.
To implement a strategic process that will decrease the amount of pet and owner anxiety when they enter our hospital.
We will develop a strategy to measure, and to continually improve staff happiness, year after year. The strategy will focus on ensuring that each staff member and owner feels appreciated each day and will ensure that all team members feel connected to our team. This strategy will focus on having fun at work, and ensuring that we all contribute to and enjoy a positive energy at PAH.
We will ensure that our patient list is continually growing, to ensure that MORE pets receive the benefit of our care each year.
Moving forward, please watch this blog for real life stories about what life is like as viewed through the eyes of your team at Princess Animal Hospital.