by Dr. Joelle Ouellet – Here is a glimpse of a day in my life…

6-6:30 am – wake up, feed and give medications/supplements to Mali (my dog), breakfast for my baby Caleb, my husband Rob and myself. Shower, get dressed. Spend a little bit of quality time with my family before heading out to work.

8:30 am – Mali and I get in the car and go to work

9 am – Mali sleeping on her pillow in my office – I start seeing appointments!

9:40 am – Drive downtown to testify in court for a Cruelty Case I was involved with for the OSPCA.

12 pm – Back in the office, make some phone calls to clients, work in my medical files. I see an emergency appointment from a Kignston Pound dog that had been demonstrating serious neurological signs.

2-3 pm – Lunch break (I usually eat my lunch, go outside with Mali to have her get some fresh air, call home to check in and see how the baby is doing, chat with my coworkers, etc).

3-6 pm – Appointments all afternoon: wellness exam/vaccines for dogs and cats, a dog with an ear infection, a cat with inappropriate urination outside the litter box, etc.

6pm – Leave work for home. Have dinner with my family. Give a bath to my son and get him ready for bed at 7 pm.

7-9 pm – Spend some time with my husband watching a show on Netflix, clean the kitchen, do a load of laundry, etc.

9:30 pm – Read in bed for about 10 minutes until I fall asleep with book in hand 🙂