Winter & Holiday Pet Safety

The cool weather is here, and everyone is beginning to decorate for the holiday season. We like to take this time to remind everyone about winter and holiday pet safety. The following is taken from the BC SPCA – a great tool to remind us all! Keep your furry, fluffy and feathered family members safe, [...]

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Canine parvovirus

Parvo - A Deadly Virus Due to reported cases in the Kingston and surrounding areas, Princess Animal Hospital wanted to give you more information on parvovirus and on the ways you can prevent your dog from contracting the disease. What is “parvo”? Canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a relatively new disease that appeared for the [...]

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Spring has finally arrived

Along with the warm weather, comes the budding of flowers and plants in our gardens. They may look lovely and are a source of enjoyment for both us and our furry babies, but when Fido, the cat, is playing hide and seek amongst the flowers or Max the puppy is getting inquisitive, we need to [...]

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Kingston Area Residents – Ticks are HERE!

We have already seen some of these little bugs active and looking for hosts (dogs, cats and sometimes humans). Here’s a very interesting blog about ticks and Lyme disease in our furry friends. Please call us at (613) 634-7123 or contact Princess Animal Hospital to schedule your dog’s heartworm/tick screening test, or to discuss heartworm and tick products that [...]

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Physical Therapy for your Pets

The newest veterinary prescription: physical therapy and rehabilitation for pets By Dr. Latimer The next time you visit your veterinarian, don’t be surprised if your pet gets a prescription for some form of physical therapy! Physical therapy and rehabilitation is a rapidly growing area of expertise in veterinary medicine- and it is gaining world-wide acceptance [...]

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Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month, and we’re celebrating from February 1 to March 15, at Princess Animal Hospital! Please call us if you’d like your pet’s teeth evaluated and treated for your pet’s optimal health!  Princess Animal Hospital 613-634-7123. For more information about dental care from one of our Ontario dental specialists, Dr. Fraser [...]

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