Here at Princess Animal Hospital and Downtown Animal Hospital, we recently started providing microchips for FREE with all of our spay and neuter surgeries. We feel it is very important that all pets receive this means of identification, in addition to a personalized tag. Having both means of ID is helpful when one of our beloved friends gets lost, or goes missing, like one of our technicians Alison’s sweet kitty, Oliver (pictured below).

While microchips are very valuable, and help reunite a lot of pets with their loved ones, it is not entirely foolproof. If you find a stray cat or dog, please be sure to take him to a local veterinarian or humane society so they can scan him for a microchip and help find his family. If you have any questions regarding getting your pet microchipped, please contact one of the team members at Princess Animal Hospital and Downtown Animal Hospital. We would love to give you more information!

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Downtown Animal Hospital, 16 Bath Rd., Kingston 613-634-2440