All pets come with special care instructions:

  • Feed daily (but not from the “people” table!)
  • Love forever (you do that the best!) and,
  • Regular checkups (we’re here to ensure your pet stays healthy, and lives a long and happy life!).

We know you have the first two covered, but what about the last one? Regular checkups are equally as important! They are essential to your furry friend’s happiness and well-being. They are the best way to keep your pet healthier, longer!

During our veterinarian’s physical exam, your pet gets checked from tongue to teeth to toes to tail (and all the parts in between!).

Our in-depth, medical checkup not only assesses your pet’s current health status, but also helps to prevent future problems, such as obesity, periodontal disease and diabetes. At this time, it also provides us with the opportunity to discuss all the ways to keep your pal in good shape and to answer your questions. We can cover any topic you want in the comfort of our exam room.

We’re grateful for your trust in us to recommend what’s best for your pets.

Call or click to make an appointment for your pet’s checkup. Your pet will be thankful too!


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