Meet Bartlett!

Bartlett’s Mom was gifted a beautiful lily plant for Easter and, thanks to a similar post to this one, she learned that lilies are highly toxic and potentially fatal to cats!

When she realized Bartlett ate some of her lily plant, she reacted quickly and brought him into our clinic for immediate treatment.

Did you know that every single part of a lily is toxic to your cat?

*the flower

*the leaves

*the stem

*the pollen, which can fall onto the table or floor, and,

* even the water in the vase are all toxic!

A single bite can cause kidney failure within hours, and can be deadly in just a few short days!

The most common signs of kidney failure are vomiting, anorexia, excessive thirst and peeing, lethargy and weakness.

If your cat eats ANY part of a lily plant, it is IMPERATIVE that you seek veterinary care IMMEDIATELY!

After spending a few days in hospital for treatment, we are very happy to report that Bartlett is back home with his family and doing very well!

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, but we hope you will think twice before gifting, receiving, or buying a lily plant to be placed anywhere there will be pets this year!