Pluto, our favourite gentle giant, recently came to see us, as he was peeing blood.

After some testing, Dr. Lang diagnosed Pluto with bacterial prostatitis (inflammation/infection of the prostate).

Intact males are at a greater risk for this disease, along with other prostatic diseases like an enlarged prostate. At the time, Pluto’s blood testing showed that he also had elevated liver enzymes. This was suspected to be caused by the infection in his prostate.

We started Pluto on antibiotics and during the course of his medications he was neutered. Neutering helps decrease the size of the prostate, which allows the infection to be cleared more readily.

Once Pluto was finished his medications and recovered from his surgery, we rechecked his liver enzymes and found them all back to normal!

A recent update from Pluto’s mom reports that he is doing GREAT and continues to be symptom-free! 613-634-7123 613-634-2440