At just 8 weeks old, this little cutie. Alfie, was playing with his big fur brother when he was accidentally stepped on!

His family brought him in to see us, and, to our surprise, our x-rays revealed that he had two fractured bones in his left hind leg!

Luckily, because of his young age, and the type of fractures, Alfie was a good candidate for a splint bandage.

With regular follow up visits to us, and recheck x rays, we were able to monitor Alfie’s leg closely to ensure proper healing.

Just shy of four weeks, we removed Alfie’s splint and x rays revealed complete healing of the bone!

We gave Alfie’s family physical therapy exercises for Alfie to do at home, to build up muscle strength and increase range of motion of his joints.

We are happy to report this adorable ball of fluff is doing fabulously!

This case is a good reminder just how fragile our puppy and kitten’s bones can be, and that x -rays are necessary to diagnose, or rule out fractures!

The good news is that because puppies grow so quickly, they typically have rapid healing of bones. However, because of the rapid healing, it is critical to ensure the bones heal in the correct position, with close monitoring and x-rays!

Alfie was a trooper and a got much love and lots of snuggles from our team, during his many visits with us!