Timothy’s Story

Our Friends of Timothy Sick Pet Fund was created in 2005, when a young cat named “Timmy” was rescued, and brought in to our hospital with a broken leg. After our hospital donated his care, his new adopting mum donated to the hospital in Timmy’s name.

This donation was the first into our Friends of Timothy Sick Pet Fund, which has helped alleviate pain and suffering for countless pets over the last twelve years, and continues to grow through our donations in the name of each pet that is euthanized at our Princess and Downtown Animal Hospitals.

We continue to receive regular and generous donations from our loyal clients, and, in some cases, from clients who have themselves been recipients of the fund.

Half of the money our hospitals receive for nail trim donations also goes to the fund. Thank you to all of our generous and loyal clients who help us to help more pets, every day.

Siberian cat breed lying isolated on white